Nigeria 70

One of my favourite compilations from last year was Nigeria 70 – at times super funky, then laid back then freaked out, the compilation tracks funk music's influence in 1960s and 70s Nigeria, as well as the development of Afrobeat during the period.  The above cut is on the mellow side, but a great intro to the albumAside from the fact that the album's named after the name that Fela Kuti'd given his band during their brief stay in the US in 1970, he'd just coined the term Afrobeat in 1969, and you can see where the sound came from all over this record.

This kind of revisionist compilation really blows my mind – starting with my discovery of the always amazing Numero Group in 2005, I've seen more and more labels gain traction by releasing out-of-print or rarely-heard recordings from obscure artists that released their records during a specific genres hey-day – (1970s Afrobeat for Nigeria 70, 1950s-60s Soul and Funk for Numero Group).  And for that we can only thank the internet.  There was simply no way this music could've reached my ears in the early 90s – yet here it is today, getting my hard-earned £££, because it's quite simply amazing music.  

I always like to remind myself that "new" music isn't just the latest blog-buzz band – it's music that's new to my ears, even if it's 40 years old.  And thanks to the web, there's a WHOLE lot of that easily available, if you know where to look.
Nigeria 70

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