A long running obsession with mythology came to a head about 3 years ago when I discovered Joseph Campbells series of books called “The Origin of Myth”.

One of the first points in volume one hit particularly close to home as I worked toward helping musicians and labels with their businesses. To make a “very” long story short, Joseph suggested that artists were the medicine men and witch doctors of modern society. In “Primitive Mythology”, he describes how the ancient magicians, who were marginally if not totally psychotic interpreted the events of the world for the community, often taking prolonged journeys to other worlds, communing with spirits and always looking and interpreting the world in a fundamentally different way – and often returning with a boon of knowledge or insight that changed the perspective of the other members of the group.

What struck me was the role of these storytellers, these mysterious journey-men, to guide people on a path to self-discovery, to greater understanding of themselves, the universe and each other.

Great art does just this – in it’s most beneficial form, great art is quite literally transcendental. The ability to engender a fundamental shift in another person’s consciousness is no less valuable today than it was 5,000 years ago – and just as magical.


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