Midlake on the wall

I get such a thrill from decorating – and I don’t get to do it enough.

I also love giving artwork created by my friends the proper treatment: to wit, the hand-screen-printed gig posters below, created by the wonderful http://www.maidenhand.com


The “rabbit” picture above has, like all the best art, very personal connections and memories. The poster commemorated Midlake’s 2007 performance at San Francisco’s Noisepop festival at Bottom of the Hill. It was a warm February day, I remember, and my head was already swimming with Midlake’s stunning album “The Trails of Van Occupanther”.

My good friend Gabe Leis had turned me on to them, and about half way through the set we both walked to venue’s back room, sat down in silence while the band played and both sang the lyrics, softly, to the song they were playing. I was so very happy in that moment.

It’s such a vivid, warm and important memory to me, not just of how deeply good music can affect me, but of good friends and good times. I’m so excited to have a talisman of that hanging on my wall here in Downpatrick, over 2 years and 8,000 miles removed from that day.


Midlake on the wall