Something’s definitely missing…

I was listening to the excellend iThinkX podcast this weekend – iThinkX is a themed music podcast and this week's theme was Protest!  Along with great tracks from Leadbelly and Nina Simone, the was a song by Autechre, from an EP that was released in 1994 in protest of the Criminal Justice Bill, which was basically a law that allowed for the police to break up raves which the government at the time saw as a threat to the fabric of society, or something.

The music was amazing – I immediately understood and loved it and wondered why I'd not heard it before.  

Quite simply, in my teens – when this record was released – you either listened to Nirvana/Rage Against The Machine OR you listened to house/techno and other electronica.  You did not, by any means, mix the two.  There was a real and demonstrated animosity between the two tribes – and lines had been drawn that you were loath to cross.

Despite the arbitrary nature of the division, it was one I adhered to.  But looking back now, what music like Autechre (including most of Warp's catalogue!) did I willfully ignore?  How much great music did I deny myself while listening to "Bleach" 100 times?

So – I suppose that's my question.  Anyone wanna give me a place to start for 90s electronica?  I got some catching up to do…
Something’s definitely missing…

One thought on “Something’s definitely missing…

  1. Thanks Nick! Glad you enjoyed the podcast. Back at art college we used to listen to grunge and electronica and reggae, hip hop and Captain Beefheart – whatever goes really, as long as it was good! – but you’re right there was an obvious divide. I’m so glad music isn’t like that for kids these days. In my mind the ’60s was about one rebellious subculture, the ’70s and ’80s were about several competing subcultures – you chose your side, the ’90s was all about fusion (rap-rock, funk-metal, trip hop) and now it’s really beyond genre. FINALLY!

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