As previously stated here, music's always been a part of my life.  But for my early years, I have to thank my family for that interest – I come from a large-ish family (5 elder sisters) and my mother and father would always have music at holidays, christmas, easter and the like.  Not only that, but all of my cousins had some musical inclination – mostly on my mum's side.  The reason was Sean O'Baoill, my grandfather. 

Sean died the year I was born, but it's thanks to him (and his children) that I came across and fell in love with the Irish language and more recently, with music.  He was a scholar of Irish music, a broadcaster and Irish speaker.  He worked with the likes of Carl Hardebeck, Tommy Makem and others.

It seems my family at large share this influence, and years of family get-togethers, sing-songs, weddings and funerals always brought us back together.  

But for once, this year, we decided to bring all of the grandchildren of Sean & Alice O'Baoill together in the town in which they lived, Armagh, Northern Ireland – to see each other again, catch up and have a bit of craic.  And craic it was!

Here we all are, all 28 of us!, in chronological order:

And it won't end there – we'll get together again, in 15 years.  And bring the kids.  By that time it'll be THEM going to the bar for us 😀

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