No Show…

Live music is an essential part of my life.  Like any great art, live music has the possibiltiy of altering your understanding of the world in a fundamental way – shifting the way you look at the world and understand yourself in an enormously positive way.  And the euphoria that comes with such a shift can last for days.

I must’ve been to hundreds of shows over the last few years.  But over the last few months that’s dropped off precipitously.  A change of priorities has come about and although I don’t see this lack of show attendance as permanent, it’s been enormously fun and rewarding to shift priorities.

For family reasons, and for the better part of 7 months, my wife and daughter were in the USA and I was here in the UK.  Since they’ve been back, I’ve been having a ball making up for lost time.


Sophie at a cookery class (above) and high-atop the climbing frame in the park (above that).

So I’m sure I’ll be back having my perception shifted by live music again – but right now, this feels *good*.

No Show…

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