The Giant Pool of Money

About 18 months ago, NPR’s “This American Life” ran a fantastic show, which explained in layman’s terms what actually happened to cause the global economic downturn. 

I must have forwarded that podcast to 30 people. 

This weeks episode (a link to which is below) recounts some of that episode, while revisiting some of the people who featured in the original podcast.

It’s quite simply some of the best radio I’ve ever heard:
The Giant Pool of Money


Getting a real dose of it this week – Kim (my wife) is out of town for the fortnight and I’ve got our adorable 5 year old all to myself.  It’s a trip:  she’s just started school and it’s really what you’d expect from being a “single parent”.  Lots of running too and fro from school, to babysitters, to friends and back again.

Tonight was awesome, however.  For the first night all week, we’d enough time after getting done with homework/dinner/dishes to take a run up to Down Cathedral, a beautiful gothic building at the top of our street.


Sophie took her scooter and we played fetch with the dog as the dusk fell into night (see photos below)  Tiring, but sweet as… 


About 8 weeks ago I became fed up with being overweight. It’s not that I’m huge, but more that I’d just begun to FEEL unhealthy, sedantary.

 So, first step, I joined a gym (maybe more on that later). Next step was

 I spend a lot of time at a computer and lunch generally consisted of a sandwich. I decided to switch out the sandwich and replace it with Graze’s hassle free deliveries of dried fruit, fresh fruit and nuts.

 I am a HUGE fan of Graze. In the 8 weeks since I went daily with their boxes, I’ve lost 10 pounds – and I still get to occasionally go crazy with a fish supper.

 Also, the fruit and nuts keep my sugar levels even so I’ve got good energy all day and their selection is wide enough that the deliveries never get boring.

 If you want to try Graze for free, just go to and enter the code WQYXPBJ.

 Anyway, this is the first diet i’ve ever been on – and it’s going well so far!




I love football. I’ve never been sure why the game has excited me so much, but it does. Every September is like Christmas when the new season begins.
And although I love my 3-time Superbowl winning Oakland Raiders A LOT, I love the game itself more. The scheming, the chess-like tactics and yes, the hitting.
So although my Raiders lost a heartbreaker last night to open the new season, 24-20 to the division rival San Diego Chargers, I’m just excited that football season is here.